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the process

Thriving Involves Process

When someone asks how are you, what is your average response? Is it, I'm fine, or I'm great, thanks! How are you? And how often is that what is really going on for you? For me, I spent a lot of time relying on those responses and feeling the exact opposite. Everyone else seemed to be "fine" so maybe it was just me. There was no reason for anyone to doubt it, I was making it to work or school, paying all my bills, and volunteering in my spare time.  

In a real sense, that sense, I was fine. Yet there were other aspects of me, less practical ones, that were calling out for help and I didn't know how to attend to them. I spent time reading books, seeking out seminars with wiser people and I enrolled in a master's in mental health counseling and sought two years of my own therapy. After all of this time and investment in healing, I am completely fixed! No, just kidding there, unfortunately, it doesn't work like that (though we all wish it did).

 I learned that it isn't about becoming perfect but more about becoming a near perfect steward of our imperfections.  

What does that look like? It could be smiling at ourselves when we are doing that thing we know we don't want to do (again), cultivating a curiosity and getting to know ourselves better, releasing a need to punish ourselves for doing it "wrong" or not being "good enough." A manageable endeavor, though one that we often need help with as it comes more naturally for most of us to help others than to help ourselves.   

This is where my services become relevant, for people who are great at surviving but really longing for thriving. 

While my perspective is a unique one, I use resources from the masters. Some experts I draw from are Joseph Campbell, Joanna Macy, Carl Jung, Marshall Rosenberg, Marion Woodman, Eckhart Tolle, Richard Rohr and many others. These leaders stand out because in their unique fields they are all able to clearly point to the sacred and how to honor it.

The sacred is foundational in all of my services, we ask what really matters and how can we all show up better for it? 

This business is a journey (as everything is), so for now, I am offering transformational workshops and one on one sessions tailored for the individual. We have all heard the saying, "It takes a village." My work is by no means meant to stand alone.  

I am here to be a helpful, supportive, caring person who has done their homework and can be a signpost for you to get to where your heart wants to take you.

  • Nationally Certified Counselor 

  • Certified in Basic Mediation

  • Reiki Master Level Certification

  • Bachelor's of Arts in Outdoor Adventure Leadership

  • Bachelor's of Science in Psychology

  • Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling

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